About the candidate…..

My name is Sean Curran and I am running to become the next school board trustee for CEPEO zone 7.

As the proud father of two students at Ecole L’Odyssee, I understand the importance of having a strong voice representing parents at the school board. Too often in the past the ideas and concerns of parents like us have been lost in the mindless bureaucracy of the CEPEO. As parents we have been relegated to the back seat while others have made decisions which often have profound effects on our children. This has to end.

As the candidate for zone 7 with children attending Ecole L’Odyssee I will be present at all major school events so parents will have a chance to speak with me informally, one on one, so that we can share ideas on how to make our school board even better. I also promise to answer all e-mails to me personally in a timely manner. This has not been the case with past school board trustees.

In the past two years parents have seen an increased reliance on electronic devices to educate our children. Homework is now e-mailed to students and most homework exercises are multiple choice and digital. Once creative and colourful school projects have become PowerPoint presentations! While most parents understand the importance of preparing our children for an increasingly digital world, this new direction comes at a cost. Increased screen time for young children has been found to have numerous negative effects including anxiety, low attention spans and even problems with vision. This is not even to mention to personal information on our children we are providing large corporations like Google in exchange for their services. When elected I will ensure that screen time is appropriate and not excessive. I also strongly believe that absolutely no personal information about our students should be shared with companies like Google.

Ecole L’Odyssee is a great school with fantastic teachers and staff. I look forward to working on behalf of parents to make it even better!